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minn_rox's Journal

31 December
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I'm d kind of a person dat u didnt think twice to be friend with during 1st time basis..later, its all depends on whether u can accept me or not..mostly, people dont get d way i think n dat leads to making them awkward..d best thing in life is making friends n i treasure my friends..i used to write..jotting down wherever i want as long as i can write..now, it becomes d opposite..i loathe writing bcoz now i can only write wat people allow/tell me to write..so, i envy those who can write n express themselves in words..n as a replacement, i talk a lot..i swear if i can talk in my sleep, i will..but, i cant..i love music n i feel dat i would not be who i am now or then if there's no music..its d only hope n support since i was born..i love to be rebellious again but there's too much at stake dat i have to sacrifice my wants n needs for other things dat others want for me..